The Sun – Life Force Or Deadly Enemy?

Imagine if you can what it would be like without the sun. A dark, cold, planet – totally devoid of life. Think about it!

If it were somehow possible to live here, still this body could not survive very long without the sun because we are one giant “photocell”, dependent on light for the life force we need to energize our 75 trillion cells.

The sun has been viewed through the ages as prime to life. Its light was believed to heal the body and in many cultures it was worshipped. In Greek literature it was Helios, the Sun God. Much later the sun worship had spread to Europe where those who had the money could afford to stay at retreats for the healing of their bodies-by the sun.1

About the same time in the United States, Edgar Cayce, psychic and healer, taught his arthritic ridden clients to dig themselves into the hot sand on the shores of the Atlantic where his clinic was located. It was a part of his system of healing the body, particularly the joints. He taught that the healing power of the silica in the sand would be transferred by the sun into their bodies. He must have intuited correctly because it worked!

Closer to home, in Arizona, sick people from across the nation came to bake health back into their tubercular bodies on the side of a mountain in North Phoenix. It was a city of tents, called Sunnyslope. Forever the sun has shared its healing light with the people of the planet, paid for by some but free to all.

Why then this unreasonable fear of the sun, which has stalked us for the past quarter of a century? Through eons past, man has spent long hours living and working under the sun’s intense rays, from primitives to the world’s farmers and outdoor sports enthusiasts, with nothing but praise for the golden orb. Their abundant health and vitality was proof enough that the sun was a friend.

So what went wrong? Somewhere along the line, rough dark spots and moles began appearing on ears, foreheads, backs, arms, and noses. And the word was out – “cancer”, a strange and dreaded disease that none of us knew much about. We begged our teenage daughter not to lie out in the heat of the day without suntan lotion (sunblock had not yet been invented). Instead she spritzed with water to keep cool. Kris always sported an enviable tan and today, a busy mother of five children, four of whom are teenagers, she is vibrantly healthy.

Why don’t all who are over-exposed to the sun’s rays get cancer? I finally found the answer in an old book of my mother’s on juicing. It stated that the sun does not cause cancer but rather, if there is cancer in the body, the sun will draw it to the surface. So those with skin cancer rarely had it in any other place in their bodies. This was beginning to make sense to me. But what about the very dangerous melanomas, the deeply rooted, widespread cancers? My immediate intuitive thought was that these must be the more serious cases, only a portion of which could be brought to the surface. An all-wise and all-loving Creator gave us the sun to help heal our bodies with its close-to-magical powers. But common sense tells that us anything to excess can be damaging to one’s health including food.

Life-Force Source- the Sun

Life force is known in other cultures as “prana” or “chi/qi” a freeflow of invisible vital energy. This subtle energy so essential to good health is now supported by discoveries in the field of quantum physics.

There are actually two sources of life force, one you may never have heard of, the axiatonal lines. A simplified explanation will suffice here. The human body is spanned by a grid of meridians connected with vibratory lines from resonating star systems. If that sounds like quantum physics, it is! Take away either one, the sun or axiatonal lines and our life force gradually diminishes and the body wastes away with diseases like multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy.2 It is just a matter of time before cellular energy is diminished. As the life force, which is stored in our trillions of cells, is depleted so is our health, and life itself.

Sunshine could easily be called the “new medicine” and in fact has been capably researched as such by Dr. Jacob Lieberman, an optometrist whose interest in healthy eyes led him to write a book on light as medicine. He lists many of the healing aspects of sunshine, which may surprise you.3

1. Depression – Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) is rampant in places where there are more dark and dreary days than sunny ones

2. Killers of microbes and mold

3. Healthy Pineal Gland for regulating body processes (resting heart rate, blood pressure, energy, stress tolerance)

4. Synthesizes Vitamin D for strong bones

5. Weight Balancing through stimulating the thyroid

6. Repairs the skin

7. Normalizes Hormones for both male and female

8. Regulates for sleep and moods

Do you begin to get the same feeling I am? How many of our modern diseases may be caused by lack of sunlight? At this point, during a lecture, someone in the audience asked if we could have been caught up in a disinformation campaign. Do you remember being bombarded with frightening facts about cholesterol and the need for low-fat diets and no eggs? Now, it is all about low-carbs and cholesterol. How about hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and the lack of “proper calcium” that is supposed to cause your bones to become brittle and break, the osteoporosis scare?

And, of course, the sun-cancer connection. All disinformation? Now that is really scary. They must not have heard of the research done in England and New Zealand that found twice as much cancer in office workers who were under fluorescent lights every day as those who worked outside!

Dr. Lieberman suggests that an hour or more of sunlight each day would prevent symptoms of mal-illumination. You will recognize more modern day ailments in his list: depression, PMS, insomnia, migraine headaches, carb-cravings and even tuberculosis, which is on the up-rise.

Regaining Life Force

The question is often asked, “are about other ways to bring life force into the body besides actual exposure to sunlight. Yes, we can capture the powerful healing qualities of the sun by eating raw plant foods, “live” foods grown in the sun if (and that is a big “if”) they have been grown in mineral-rich soil, from non-hybrid seeds and are not irradiated for longer shelf-life.

The minerals are used by the plants to hold life force energy. No minerals (because of stripped soils), not much chance of all that pretty produce in the markets of America having much Life Force at all – organic included. Any vital life still left in plant foods can be nullified by irradiation used for longer shelf life. Hybrid produce including seedless varieties, are life-less imitations of once-real food. Intuited checking unfortunately confirms the truth of these statements.

Pure water in a clear glass jar set out in the sun for an hour will collect and hold the sun’s life force. Drink it throughout during that day. However your best bet is still to get yourself out in the sun for some time everyday using your good common sense (intuition) to know when and how long. This body is uniquely designed to use the healing power of sunlight to draw life-force into the body. According to John Ott, a banker turned scientist, Dr. Ott became Director of the Environmental Health and Light Research institute in Sarasota, Florida and author of the book Health and light . His research proved how important the sun that is so often maligned and misunderstood, is to the health of the human system.4

o Skin, which gradually darkens to shut down the amount of light absorbed. Sunblocks abort the entry of life force and are can be toxic as well.

o Hair, which when it has a healthy level of silica, draws life force into the body. Most commercial hair dyes and processes stop this process, as does head wear.

o Eyes receive sunlight directly and are responsible for improvement of overall health including metabolic activity, depression, hyperactivity, lengthened age span and more!

o Pineal gland, the body’s “light meter” is in the brain at a point between the eyebrows. It reacts to light received through the eyes (blocked by glasses/sunglasses) to send “hormone messages” to help the body adjust to its environment, prevents premature puberty and the development of sex functions, orchestrate circadian rhythms for normal sleep patterns and ameliorates depression.

If any of this makes sense then we must ask ourselves if once again we have been taken in by another disinformation campaign. What is the possibility that mal-illumination might be complacent in America’s epidemic of illness? Your God-given intuition will always help you make wise decisions about your health – about your life. Your natural intuition will always be there to help you when you find yourself questioning someone or something. You won’t make too many mistakes if you go with your gut feeling, your knowing without “knowing.”

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