A Visionary Approach To Health

With all of the singular focused health companies out there today, it is challenging to find a totally different approach to the health market. When most people think about health, they think about eating habits, food choices, and exercise, but rarely think about the idea of total health, including environmental health. Knowing that we are exposed to multiple environmental health risks daily, I discovered a unique approach to use as the foundation for transforming my health, forcing me to think differently. It is a concept based on the fact that we are what we absorb, not necessarily, what we eat.

Here are three areas to consider in your total health transformation:

1. What you absorb through your lungs. The fact is, indoor air pollution is a bigger problem than pollution outside. Since most people spend about 90% of their time indoors, most likely you are surrounding yourself and absorbing pollutants on a daily basis through your lungs. The list of indoor pollutants is rather expansive due to various building materials used in home construction, cleaning chemicals, air fresheners, not to mention the many germs and bacteria we take home with us each day. Since this problem affects the majority of our population, it demands a solution, in this case being a quality air purifier. Not just any off the store shelf air cleaner will do. In selecting a product, you want a technology designed to eliminate pollutants at their source, or technology also known as active technology, which is filter-less. With allergies and asthma being a common condition today, having a quality air purifier can help to relieve the symptoms. Not only do you want a product that can remove particulate, but having a technology to address odors, germs and bacteria is taking clean air to a whole new level.

2. Your drinking water. For optimal health, a person should be consuming at least half of their body weight in ounces per day of good quality water. Far too many people are walking around today with chronic dehydration without even knowing it. By the time you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Many illnesses and chronic conditions can be contributed to not drinking enough water. There have been studies revealing that many weight issues could be solved if people were drinking enough water. Is the amount of water the real solution, or could there be more to it? Since not all water sources are good for you, I recommend an ionized alkaline water technology. This type of technology provides exceptional drinking water with better health benefits than straight tap water, right at your tap. The benefits of an ionized alkaline water system are: antioxidant properties, super hydrating for better absorption at cellular level, and adjustable pH for higher alkalinity. Since most people are consuming a highly acidic diet, higher alkaline drinking water is a great way to combat not only the acid build up in our body, but’s it’s also a great solution for the oxidative stress on our bodies daily.

3. Nutrition and weight management. Why supplement you ask? First of all, the modern diet simply doesn’t provide for much in terms of nutrient rich foods. For those that think they are consuming all the right foods, reality is, the growing process, pesticides, and the transit timing all deplete the nutritional value. Even cooking depletes valuable nutrients from our foods. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies make us more prone to infections, illnesses, disease and obesity. Weight management requires a healthy menu plan, quality supplementing, as well as exercising regularly. When selecting a nutrition support line, look for a company that has a health system including nutraceuticals, weight management, as well as support for weekly meal plan and exercise. Although there are many options available, my selection contains products that have a unique enzyme nutrient delivery system for guaranteed absorption at cellular level. The supplements are derived from whole food sources, which works for the most natural body response. Because again, in understanding we are what we absorb, there’s no sense in swallowing a vitamin when you don’t know what you are actually absorbing.

With good health being on the minds of so many, we need to realize that our health cannot be measured by only our diet or the amount of time spent at the gym. We need to consider all aspects of our health. Change your thinking by adopting a broad view of health. We need to learn, and to teach people that good health or poor health is related to what we absorb from the outside in terms of our environment, and how we take care of the inside, with our water, food choices and nutrition.

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